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How to recover those abandoned carts

Do you lose sales from customers abandoning carts? Shopper abandonment is common and every store owner has in stage or other experienced it.

The good news is, You can recover those abandoned carts and turns them into sales.

Big online stores already know this, they often use similar methods that have proven to recover abandoned carts. These methods are cost-effective and simple to execute. They are certain to help you recover abandoned carts.

In this post, we'll teach you a proven method you can implement to recover abandoned carts.

Why Should I Recover Abandoned Carts?

If you have made some sales online, You probably have experienced abandoned shopping carts

The statistic shows that the global shopping cart abandonment rate is 69%.

Now, look at this:

Online shopping statistics show that the global shopping market will hit 4 trillion.

What this means is that there’s a massive opportunity for owners of online stores.

But to get the best of it, Implementing a strategy to recover abandoned carts is essential.

Why abandoned carts in the first place?

The most common cause for abandoned carts include:

  • Unexpected costs

  • No guest checkout option

  • Concerns about the site’s security

  • Shopper’s online browsing

Why shoppers abandon carts
How to recover those abandoned carts

Now lets us dive in

So, how do you get back your shopper after carts abandonment?

With this method, you can start recovering abandoned carts from now on.

Exit Popups

Using exit popups you can start recovering abandoned carts thereby increasing your sales

Here’s how it works.

Exit-intent technology monitors your visitor’s actions on your website. On a computer, it will

monitor your visitor's mouse movements. Exit intent works on mobile by trigging the pop-

up when your shoppers hit the back button or scroll up.

As soon as your shoppers try to leave, an exit popup will be triggered up and a targeted

message like:

  • Invitation to chat with an agent

  • Special discount

  • A free offer to have them join your email list

The amazing software for exit popups is OptinMonster. OptinMonster lets you develop

exit popups without having to do any coding.

convert and monetize your website traffic
How to recover those abandoned carts

OptinMonster’s drag and drop builder lets you create stunning and targeted exit popups

using its library of beautiful templates.

With Its ease of usability, you can build popups that turn would be "lost shoppers" to buyers

Contact us if you need help setting up this software on your website or online store.

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