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What exactly is T-Metric?

T-Metric is a simple time-tracking and workflow application that helps you to be more creative and productive. It does this by enabling you to effectively track time spent on tasks and projects, get insights from the reports it generates, add billing rates, create invoices, control team attendance, manage work schedules and time-off, and set up operational workflows, to mention but a few of its functions. At the end of a working day, you will discover that every single minute of your valuable time is never wasted.

As a time tracking app, it gives you the insight necessary for streamlining your growing business for higher productivity, satisfied clients, and a happy team.

For example, convenient start and stop timers allow you to effectively control time intervals and instantly calculate how much time is spent on specific projects, clients and tasks.

The verifiable fact is that T-Metric has become the leading and most reliable time tracking software available today. This has changed the automated workflows of managers and employees by making it easier to manage your time, complete projects on time, or monitor your team to see who is actively working and who isn't.

Here are some features that makeT-Metric the best shopping tracking tool

T-Metric integrates with over 50 of the most popular project management apps you know, including Visual Studio Online, Basecamp, Bitbucket, Zendesk, GitHub, Asana, Redmine, Trello, Jira, Todoist, Freshdesk and QuickBooks Online.

T-Metric is very simple and easy to use. It has a fairly simple user interface with no routing issues for users. With one click, you can get a detailed overview of time spent on activities, tasks, and other projects over a specified period of time. It is also easy to use to generate reports that record your team's performance and activities over a period of time.

After being told how little you would have to pay to have this life-saving app, you’d definitely agree that it is one of the most affordable among software vendors. Besides being cost-effective, it has a free and trial version for everyone to use, and the free version provides almost everything you need.

The T-Metric desktop app syncs easily with the mobile app.

One of its unique properties is that it is designed to allow users to manage multiple projects simultaneously with ease.

This software does not take up space on your device. Compared to other software, it's almost like a pen.

T-Metric is available for all popular operating systems: Linux, Mac, Windows, Android, Cloud, SaaS, Web-Base, iPhone and Mac (desktop). T-Metric is available for iOS and Android, so you can easily navigate without worrying about wasting time if you use a different operating system for different devices or if you often have to leave work to go to another office or attend a meeting. This means you keep track of your work hours even while you are out of the office, but still working.

AlthoughT-Metric does not require browser extensions to be installed, you can easily install T-Metric extensions on browsers such as Apple Safari, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox if you need to.

Here are few of the many T-Metric software uses you can take advantage of:

T-Metric's automatic time tracking: This feature is designed to help teams improve efficiency and increase revenue. This will give you a good idea of how your time is spent. You can see if you are spending too much time on things that need to be delegated or automated. Therefore, it is important throughout the day. Another benefit is that frequent use of T-Metric indirectly increases time management rates.

This allows you to create a company schedule in minutes and combine it with time trackingto make your business more efficient. The work schedule feature allows you to set work hours for all employees in your organization and for individual employees. By setting specific work hours, employees can only log work hours during that period. If you want to improve your time management and see where the time of the day goes and how much time you spend on each task, T-Metric is your go-to. There is a vacation module to request vacation time, control absent work days, and manage team attendance.

When creating clear reports in T-Metric, you can choose between focusing on details to gain insight into your project or to better predict the time required to complete future tasks. If your team wants to continuously generate time analysis reports from documents, files and spreadsheets, T-Metric is an automated reporting process.

It helps you set project budgets, track development costs, and view income. T-Metric keeps teams in sync and improves customer collaboration. As CEO, you'll love being able to track each team member's performance using T-Metric. With T-Metric, you can track your work and calculate employee payroll, as well as manage vacation and sick leave. Quick leave approval and clear-cut attendance management will free up so much time during the day to devote to other activities. Goodbye to writing emails, doing paperwork or carrying out manual checks with this fantastic offer.

T-Metric is a global resource for freelancers and SMBs. As a freelancer who needs to prove your level of productivity to his clients, you should use T-Metric. Reports are provided automatically, so you don't have to prepare them. It also simplifies the even operation of the payment process.

Know exactly how much each customer is paying per hour. T-Metric tracks billable hours across all your workflows and then stores them for easy future billing and pay-rolling. You can set project and hourly rates, invoice your customers and get paid in the shortest possible time.

You need an application that instantly gives you a complete picture, for example to answer questions about which clients and projects are profitable for your business and which ones take too much time or don't pay. If so, it's time for T-Metric to answer this question without any effort on your part.

Track tasks with a real-time workflow overview with task history, to-do list, and appointment dates. Prioritize urgent tasks with estimated time. T-Metric holiday calendar displays upcoming, planned and used non-working hours. You can select any date on the calendar and see which co-workers are at work or on vacation. You can gain additional control by using the screenshot capture feature related to monitoring your activity level and visited sites during your workday.

There are accurate absence management features and idle moment detection too that will automatically mark the periods of activity and inactivity during the day.

T-Metric is used and adored by project managers and SMBs who measure budgets for their projects and get detailed time and financial reports. Within days of using this app, they notice improved time management and a significant reduction in workforce management activities, as well as increased business returns. They also report that

T-Metric time tracking is more accurate than any other time tracking software out there.

While some claim that Metric is simply affordable and very user friendly, others hail it as the best tool for their work because it integrates seamlessly with their daily applications such as QuickBooks. They also report that using it has helped their teams collaborate better and better.

From reviews and testimonials, T-Metric proves to be a valid option for your organization to turn more leads into profits by streamlining all the major business tasks. This means your client will be more satisfied with your work even though you are actually expending less energy because T-Metric is an optimal expense tracking, team management and zero-time waste wizard.

Now that you know thatT-Metric

has immense time tracking and workflow potentials that will help you gain clarity about profitability, make better business decisions, track time and real time, what are you waiting for? Place your order now and be one to enjoy its unique benefits.

Sign up for the free version Or try it free for 30 days after which you can opt for the pro or business plan for a small fee. No credit card required.

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Please be aware that we only recommend goods we would buy for ourselves.

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