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Enhance Your Business's Safety with Secure ACH and Check Processing

Boost Your Income. Enhance Customer Loyalty. Rely on Paya as your trusted partner to simplify the process of increasing revenue and improving customer retention through top-tier ACH and check solutions. We offer a comprehensive suite of tools, abundant resources, and unwavering support, ensuring you have all the essentials for achieving success.

ACH Debit

Paya empowers clients to handle individual and recurring authorized ACH debit transactions originating from the checking accounts of both consumers and businesses.


• Authorization is obtained from the client.
• Transaction information uploaded to Paya through a variety of options (virtual terminal, payment gateway, API or batch file).
• Funds electronically debited from merchant or client.
• Funds electronically deposited into merchant's or client's account.

Seamless, solid payments technology you can trust

Paya offers payments technology which easily integrates with most existing point-of-sale hardware or payment gateways, so you can offer solutions that meet every need with reliable uptime.

Check 21+ Remote Deposit Capture

Our remote check deposit service stands out as one of our highly favored check processing solutions, celebrated for its user-friendly and straightforward nature. By employing a check imager that links to a PC or POS terminal, you can electronically deposit paper checks, eliminating the need for a visit to the bank.


• Paper checks are received in the mail, drop box, or in person
• Check runs through a check imager connected to PC
• Funds electronically debit from consumer checking account and deposit into merchant's account
• Transaction information uploads to Paya through a variety of options (virtual terminal, payment gateway, API, or batch file)


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