Our Team

Who is our team? It’s a group of actual employees (not contractors) working under the same roof (not at home) seamlessly face-to-face on a daily basis. We believe that having us all in one place makes it easier to collaborate. Call us old-fashioned.



Co-Founder & Web Developer

A solutions-oriented information technology specialist with proven success in the implementation and management of software development projects in support of customer needs. In his spare time David enjoy spending time with, loves the table tennis game.


Systems Engineer & Graphic Designer

A Former certified systems engineer at Microsoft, A professional Graphic designer with robust experience in UI/UX  design of websites and mobile applications. In his spare time Faddy enjoy spending time with his kid daughters


Poet, Creative Writer

 A poet and versatile freelance writer, Stephanie enjoys watching anime while enjoying a fried chicken bucket and orange juice. At her spare time she loves to play Volleyball and Badminton


Web Developer

A Full-Stack Developer.  who builds performant web applications that offer great user experience. Daniel enjoy developing application from scratch. At his spare time, Daniel Loves playing video games.