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Payment solution for Private Money Lenders

Introducing to you ACH debit / Electronic check credit and debit transactions. You can do a debit or refund transaction to your borrower's bank account, settlements into your bank account are quick, within 1-3 days. this is much safer and cheaper than credit card processing, fraud is limited with ACH payment processing... Interested in this service?

Please reply to this email or send a Whatsapp message to +1 (631) 887-5460

ACH/e-check/Electronic check Payment processing for your business.

US business only!

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ACH payment processing (the US only)

•Owner’s driver’s license

•Bank statements for last two months

•Articles of Incorporation, including signature page

•Voided checks from your intended operating bank account for ACH transactions

•SSN with Good Credit score

Good Credit score

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